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RPM-Mena Head office - RPM Building, Thalia Street, Riyadh, KSA +966-1-217-2333

About Us

RPM Sports Management was created on the belief that sports bring us together, can bring out the passion inside all of us, can break down all of the superficial barriers that divide us all throughout the world.

Our Mission is to empower and enhance the world through sport.    We believe that sport can be a catalyst good, positive change.  And through the sport, its Athletes give us hope when we least expect it and most need it.  It can stimulate economies, strengthen development in youth and be the pillar for long-term growth and vision much like we have seen.  

Our Vision is to enable our stake holders and partners to not just win, but become the leaders in their fields through the power of sports – one club, player, brand and association at a time.

The company came into existence in New York and Dubai in 2005.  Today RPM has presence across 28 markets, from the USA and Saudi Arabia to China and Turkey.  In every market we operate we maintain these – our mission and vision.