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RPM-Mena Head office - RPM Building, Thalia Street, Riyadh, KSA +966-1-217-2333

Sister Companies, Partners and Affiliates

AMG is a Saudi investment-holding group with diverse interests and established in 2004 with its head quarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. AMG has a wide business that works and invests in many sectors such as (Automotive, Medicine and Technology). Also AMG works in the sports industry, including marketing and advertising.

Flawless Group is a world of marketing and communication consultancy split under 5 independent companies, all under Flawless Group umbrella. Flawless Group offers its client effective marketing and communication consultation services. It is the outcome of high and exceptional calibers of experienced professionals from various industries and disciplines, joining hands under a passionate idea, a brand: WFG. The company’s prospects will have access to a wide network of local, regional, and international insights, learnings, and success models which will se them apart.


Out of bounds
Out of Bounds (OOB) is a unique youth marketing agency that connects brands with youth through sports, music, fashion and other relevant youth cultural interests. OOB aims at being a youth cultural movement, recruiting a network of over 2,000 young boys and girls with the mission of helping their peers on a social, academic & economic level. We aim at creating a physical & emotional space in youth lives enabling brands to interact in a distinctive and meaningful way. We specialize in understanding teens and providing insights. Whether it’s through online research or group discussions, OOB offers research options that will give you the results and methods to best obtain them.

PSI is an award winning exhibition and interiors company that is driven by its passion for design and meeting its clients needs through
A high quality integrated service method, that allows the client a single point of interface. Established in 2005, the company has over 7 years of successful track record in creating, building and marketing world class and award winning stands and interiors.

AFG Capital Management was founded on the principle of allowing our clients to leave capital raising and fund management objectives to a team of professionals, freeing themselves to focus on what they do best.